An analysis of The Crucible. It analyzes the possibility of John Proctor being a tragic hero.

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Tragic, Hero, or in Between A tragic hero can be defined as one who is a stature of society, battles for issues, beliefs, events of great consequences, dies or suffers complete loss in other ways due to this battle, has a tragic flaw that, in part, causes his downfall, but in the end, is found to be worthy. Tragic heroes are found in most people of literature. In the playwright, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, …

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…shred of goodness in John Proctor" (240. 4.). John Proctor's tragic flaws bring about his downfall. Qualifications are proven throughout the playwright as to why John Proctor is the tragic hero. Tragic heroes are often demonstrated as "knights in shining armor" or exactly that a hero. The Crucible epitomizes tragic heroes as more than muscle- bound lumberjacks, but as someone who fights for the good of those around him, which is exactly what a tragic hero is.