An Investigation into the Vocal Trends and Characteristics of Female Country Singers

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Country music, for the most part, was mainly dominated by male artists for the first thirty years. Country music was viewed as being masculine, and too much of a 'butch' western theme for women to sing. In 1935 though, a woman from Arkansas changed those views. A singer and fiddler named Patsy Montana broke into the country music scene with a song named, 'I want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart'. This record became the first female, …

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…in the history of women country singers, like Patsy Cline in 1960. Discography The First Ladies Of Country Music - Columbia records, Published by - Sony Entertainment Inc 2001. Greatest Love - Crimson Records, Published by - Crimson productions Ltd 1997. Woman II - Universal Music, Published by Universal record Operations 1999. That's Country - Polygram Records, Published by - Polygram Record Operations 1992. Norah Jones Come Away With Me - Capitol Records Inc, Published by - Capitol Records Inc 2002.