An Introspective View of the Cultural Battle in the Zionist Movement.

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Without question, the underlying key element of the Zionistic movement is the survival of Jewish people. This concept raises the controversial issue of why do we find it so vital to preserve Judaism. While the general consensus is that the Jews are the chosen people, a divided opinion still exists. One side argues that the Jews must always preserve religious tradition and holiness, while the other side maintains that the Jewish people must preserve their …

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…Ha'am were prominent figures in the development of Zionism, their philosophies differed immensely, which resulted in different execution of actions. Herzl greatly influenced Jewish nationalism and eventually the foundation of a state, while Ha'am's concern for culture reminded Jews that a Jewish state was meaningless, if there was no appreciation of values. It is evident that although both men dreamt of restoring a lost Jewish identity, their beliefs, accomplishments, and legacies were diverse yet everlasting.