An Introduction to Greekdom

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I was first introduced to the black greek system by my cousins, both of whom are members of my fraternity. I remember being about 7 or 8 years old and one of my cousins had just finished pledging. He had a paddle in the corner of his room with all of his information on it (date and time of initiation, name of his line, his number, etc.) and I thought it looked like a cool toy so …

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…that was evil and wrong with black fraternities. So pledging as we knew it, ended. And it ended in secret, not out in the open, with debate and discussion. No, it ended at the hands of no more than 20 people, who bowing to public pressure, decided they had enough. And worse part was that not all of these people had the best interest of the organizations in mind. They were looking at the dollar signs.