An Interview with Bernard Lonergan What is "Critical Realism?" This essay delves into the theory of cognition posed by Lonergan, who was a Jesuit philosopher.

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PART I: Questions addressed to Lonergan 1. Father Lonergan, you name your philosophy "Critical Realism." a) What is Critical Realism? Critical Realism is the philosophical position that states that the real is that which is known by the 3-fold process of attentive experience, intelligent inquiry, and responsible judgment. Reality is that which is known by totality of correct judgment. b) Thomas Aquinas is a Realist philosopher. Can you name one way that you see Critical Realism …

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…exist, the choices will not be responsible ones. Finally, we are to "be in love" but this, again, is challenging to follow because not everyone believes in God, nor has the ability to commit oneself to the love of the finite. Oftentimes, following all five commands of living the authentic life is nearly impossible because of the challenges it presents. As a result, inauthentic individuals and groups are much more prevalent, and social decline results.