An Inner Depravity in The Crucible by Artur Miller

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All throughout the seventeenth-century, there was a continuous influx of religious individuals into North America. This inflow of settlers was primarily the result of the persecution of their denominations in their home by the established churches. The region with the most persecuted settlers was Massachusetts, which was to become the new residence of the Puritans. These ascetic folks based their theology on different grounds, praising simplicity in a very difficult way. Their views are dark, …

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…possible Anglican perspective, yet they have accomplished nothing since the power was placed in the corrupt hands. The religious absolutism that flourished during the oblivious aspects of these trials, clearly intensifies the importance of moral flexibility, of truthfulness. Truth, only to be clear in souls of those who deliberately accepted it, “thus to point the direction to correcting our moral optics.”(Miller Budick, 537) As for the others, a disgraceful misperception due to their religious austerity.