An Essay on An End to Blind Obedience

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Literature, in its finest, is on the cutting edge of society, pulling on its borders, broadening its views, and bringing to it new ideas and concepts. In this way, an essay can be as effective as a vaccine or technological discovery. “An End to Blind Obedience”, written by Mary Wollstonecraft is an example of such an essay and has changed the popular thoughts of its time. This essay was written to the scholarly men of …

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…express her ideas, but validates them. The essay appears a little too complicated for some reader’s taste, however this was done purposely by Wollstonecraft to validate herself. This essay is a fine example of how an essay can be as powerful as a sword, and as revolutionary as science. Few essays ever have had such opportunity and ability to effect society in the way the “An End to Blind Obedience” has been able to.