An 8th grade paper writen on womens involvment in the American Revolution.

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Women <Tab/>During the American Revolution women played an integral role in the patriotic cause. The women took care of the injured soliders. Wives of officers as well as soliders followed the men to help them supplie stuff after returning from their battle. As well as a lady, Mary Draper, a lady that is remebered. She was a lady who did a great cause for the soldier when they were in …

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…only were men an important deal in the revolution but the women were as important as the men. Women basically took care of then men. They fed them, and gave them anything that was neccessary. There were many women that names will always be remebered but every women was important and still is important to this day. Whether the women fed them, sewed clothes for them, or even hospitalized their wounds it was all needed.