Amzing Essay of How Human Sexuality is used in Marketing

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Sex in Advertising The use of sex in advertising has become a major selling method in the society we live in today. It began sixty years ago when a beautiful young woman introduced the first windproof lighter and a new wave of advertising emerged - The Pinup Girl. She advertised everything from lighters to laundry soap. She even recruited for the U.S. armed forces (Parade Magazine; pg 6). Sexuality in advertising is now a major …

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…automobiles, hotels, refrigerators, chewing gum and everything which in the opinion of the business man would represent the vital interest of people. Advertisements have never been granted the unqualified rights of free speech held by books, articles or news programs. The indecency of American and world wide advertising has become indescribable. Sex in advertising will always be an issue of ethical concern as long as peoples view remain diverse and companies profit from those diversities.