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Amistad: A Critical Interpretation In 1839, slaves aboard the ship called Amistad revolted to win back their freedom at the same time sailing to one Cuban port from another. Their leader was Sengbe Pieh, better known as Joseph Cinque, who was a young Mende man. Most of the slaves had been captured from Seirra Leone and sold to Spanish slave traders. Eventually they won back their freedom in 1841, after two years of debating whether or not …

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…be counted as one of the events leading to the beginning of the Civil War in 1860. It also drew the abolitionists together, even though the case wasn't an attack on slavery. In conclusion, the Amistad Rebellion had tremendous consequences in two different continents. Not many people think of it today, but it will forever be a story of determination, belief, and bravery. It will continue to develop the course of history, thanks to Sengbe Pieh.