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Jared Badenhop Psychology 200 8-30-00 American Past Time... People watching....we all do it, no doubts there. But, is there a method behind the madness? Can anything be salvaged from such a seemingly worthless action? Hey, signs are saying yes. These signs are saying that the way one may read facial expressions, may be a way of knowing such qualities about the person on another level. Reading expressions such as their mood, how they would …

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…to being a science rather than just “something people do”. And with that said, consider this...when you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. The face has over 5,000 expressions and 44 muscles, yet the simplest of all expressions to decipher is the smile. Described as beautiful, elegant, and joyful, the smile is an expressions that is revered to be the only expression one needs....or so they say. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**