American Ideals: American Cinema. This essay is about how the ideal american is depicted in the cinema.

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American Ideals: American Cinema A bit part of American way of life is American Cinema. The United States is known worldwide for their brilliant techniques and ideas for films. Through American Cinema, you can see characters that can reflect the "Typical American." For example in the fifties, many of the films that were created were westerns. People came to terms with referring to Americans as "cowboys" like John Wayne. Soon after came the James Dean …

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…at Star Wars: Episode I and you see how George Lucas has used new technology and special effects to create characters and scenes. Then it all leads up to the main element competition. In the film industry everyone is competing to be the best actor, actress, director, etc. America strives to the best it can possibility and you see this every time you go to the movies and see the masterpieces being created in America.