American Expansion

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In a sense, the United States has been "expansionistic" from its very beginning. The 13 English colonies, clinging to the eastern seaboard, were determined to push westward despite all natural and political obstacles. Once established as a nation, the United States went about acquiring even more land, including Florida, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Mexican Cession. The expansion associated with the late nineteenth century was just one chapter in a long book. One can begin writting …

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…Hawaii. A few more points of interest one can use in writting an essay concerning U.S. expansion are: Imperialism, Darwanism, Open door policy, Defense, How the Spanish American had broken out and expansionist arguments had renewed force, Roosevelt Corollary, the Monroe Doctrine, contiguous states vs. non contiguous states, Diety, the Platt Amendement, Filipinos, and "new imperialism" These are just a few of the ideas that could be included in an essay concerning expansionism. Bibliography