American Dream of African American soldiers

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American Dream of African American soldiers after WWI During World War I many things changed, lives were destroyed; dreams shattered, and many soldiers’ who went to war came back with a different view of life. This “lost generation” was one of the main reasons why the speakeasies and popular 20s culture arose. That culture arose because the men returning from the battlefield did not care. Especially when the African American soldiers returned from WWI. They …

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…the American Dream during World War I, the white soldier version, and the African American version. They may have been different, but they shared one common thing. They were both part of a group that formed the “lost generation”. Bibliography Jackson, Andrew. The Downfall of Society. New Jersey: Harper, 1990 Klock, Brian. On the Lost Generation. New Hampshire: Lancelot, 1992 Watson, John. Lost Generation New Hamisphire: Lancelot, 1980 Zigger, John A. World War I. Jul 6, 1995.