American Criticism in Short Stories

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American Criticism Nineteen-Fifty-Five by Alice Walker and On the Road by Langston Hughes both use a wide variety of implicit and explicit criticisms of American society within their short stories. Both essays focus on White culture vs. Black individuality. This focus opens the door to implicit criticisms such as racism, hypocrisy and discrimination. These examples are especially prevalent in the story On the Road. Hughes gives an image that focuses on looks and money, instead …

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…have been given an understanding that criticism has not only progressed, but still shows its signs of presence today. From On the Roads hypocrisy in the church and discrimination toward Sargeant and his people, to Nineteen Fifty-Fives racism and discrimination of the wonderfully talented but un-noticed Gracie Mae Still, they both show their negativity to a maximum. Many of these problems show up in history, and in present day. You just have to look closely