America during ww2.

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The Home Front in America President Roosevelt felt by this time that it was only a matter of time before the USA was drawn into the war. Roosevelt was facing an American public that wanted nothing to do with the war, however. He made several moves that would help the US prepare for that day. On Sept 16, 1940 the United States military conscription (draft) bill passed. FDR (the common reference to Franklin Delano Roosevelt) also was …

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…through taxes. 4) America races Germany to develop the atomic bomb: the Manhattan Project; the theory of fission explosion were perfected in Germany. Albert Einstein, who was Jewish, saw this research in Germany when he lived there and when he fled the Holocaust and came to the USA, he sought out FDR. Einstein told FDR that the USA had to begin development to counter this threat. Roosevelt immediately ordered the army to begin the "Manhattan Project."