Ambition and Architecture Compares layout and motivations behind Egyptian and Roman architecture.

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Ambition and Architecture Throughout history, man has built. Architecture, whether it is monumental or not, carries an important role in our society, not merely for functional purposes, but also as a means of communication. Eloquence without words, although difficult, is accomplished effectively through architecture because buildings often functions as a center, or at least a very important part, of life. Whether a building is religious or civic, it attracts, or rather demands, attention and is, …

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…of a great king--although both were built for very different functions, they convey the same message. These are complexes that were built to advertise the power of their patrons. Although they were built thousands of years apart by different civilizations, they both exhibit the ambition of their rulers. The message is as clear in present times as it was when they were first built, and I believe this will be for many years to come.