All of the aspects of the U-2 affair during the cold war.

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U2 - Incidence On May 1, 1960, two weeks prior to the United States-Soviet Summit in Paris, a U-2 high altitude reconnaissance airplane was shot down while flying a spy mission over the Soviet Union. The Eisenhower administration was forced to own up to the mission, and Khrushchev canceled the Paris Summit. As a result, The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union continued for over 30 years. Shortly after the end of World War …

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…left Paris sadly convinced that US-Soviet relations had been dealt a serious setback. In conclusion, the end to the Cold War was apparent in May 1960 with an agreed United States-Solviet Summit in Paris. But the likelihood to end the Cold War collapsed when President Eisenhower authorized a U-2 spy plane mission over Soviet airspace which was shot down. Because of the U-2 incident the end of the Cold War was not securable for over 30 years.