Aliens or Gods

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When I had begun creating this research paper the question that was intriguing me was why did the human society in the last couple of hundreds years suddenly (relatively) changed the foundations of it's thought. This being evident in the way people started to interpret certain incidents, these being the appearance of Unidentified Flying Objects. Now whether these objects are really aliens, is a very good question, but I would have you believe that why …

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…And the last but not least reason for belief in UFO's is our exploration of space, no matter how slow it has been progressing lately, giving rise to speculation and imagination. Bibliography: 1. Alford, F. Alan, Gods of the new Millenium 2. Dean, Jodi, Aliens in America 3. The Holy Bible 4. The texts of Atra-Hasis 5. The Dead sea scrolls 1 T. Huxley, cited in N. Macbeth, Darwin Retried, p. 141. 2 Genesis 1:26 3 The major projects involved were projects "Grudge" and "Bluebook"