Alice Munro Open Secrets The Albanian Virgin

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ALICE MUNRO’S THE ALBANIAN VIRGIN IN OPEN SECRETS EXEMPLIES HER CHARACTERISTIC APPROACH To try to trace Alice Munro’s narrative techniques to any particular development in the short story The Albanian Virgin would be difficult. This could be because it is simply written from careful observations as are many of her other short stories. In her short stories, it is as though she tries to transform a common, ordinary world into something that is …

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…reader can distinguish some similarities in the stories, they are for the most part fictitious with an add of some realism to them. REFERENCES Blodgett, E.D. "Alice Munro." The Canadian Encyclopedia Plus. 1995. Bloom, Amy. "From Strength to Strength." The Boston Book Review. January/February 1995, Electric Newstand. MacKendrick, Louis, K. Alice Munro’s Narrative Acts. Downsview, ECW Press, 1983. Munro, Alice. Open Secrets. Toronto: McClelland & Steward Inc., 1994. Turbide, Diane. "The Incomparable Storyteller." Maclean’s. October 17, 1994, 46-49.