Algonquin Park

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CHAPTER ONE: TRIP OVERVIEW AND NAVIGATION Submitted by: Rich Grover INTRODUCTION Algonquin Park is the oldest and most famous provincial park in Ontario and one of the largest in Canada. It stretches across 7,725 kilometers of wild and beautiful lakes and forests, bogs and rivers, cliffs and beaches. This is why Algonquin is also known as a canoeist's and camper's paradise as far as the eye can see. From August 27th to September 5th a group …

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…hour hand and 1200 hours. If in doubt as to which end of the line is north always remember that the sun is in the east before noon and in the west in the afternoon. (Darman, 1996) REFERENCES Darman, P. (1996). The Survival Handbook. Stoddart Publishing Co.: Toronto. Friends of Algonquin. (Brochure). Algonquin Park Canoe Routes. (1998). McNeill, C. Cory-Wright, J, Renfrew, T. (1998). Teaching Orienteering. Human Kinetic Publishers: Windsor. Williams, H. (1998). What is Orienteering. Available at: