Alexander the Great as a Soldier and a Statesmen.

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Alexander was a great military genius and elements of this were his speed of movement, his military tactics and ability to adapt, and a charismatic and inspiring quality of leadership. Obviously, he was lucky to have the highly trained and experienced Macedonian army behind him. Alexander led from the front and, although this was undoubtedly an inspiration to his troops, he took foolhardy risks, displaying his irresponsibly at the same time. It is much harder …

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…of the empire and his own troops. His own people vehemently loathed his policy of racial fusion and he merely kept the Persian system of satraps, which had failed Darius. Instead of tackling the problems in the empire, Alexander only shifted the problems elsewhere, as seen in his handling of the difficulty of wandering exiles. Alexander can be best summed up by Green, "he came as a conqueror and the work he wrought was destruction".