Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was one of the most powerful rulers the world has ever seen. He was also a military genius and, in many ways, a tyrant. This is because of all of the cities and complete empires he destroyed. This military genius never lost a war. He just would not stop. He wanted to conquer until there was nothing left to conquer. In the end, he captured an empire that spanned …

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…returned to his throne in Persia, things were out of order. He quickly fixed things, though, the way they should be and punished those who disobeyed him (Wepman 105). Alexander did not set out for any more expeditions. Not only did his troops refuse to, but he was not physically capable. He was in constant pain from years of constant battle that formed his huge empire. Then on June 13, 323 BC, Alexander the Great died. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**