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HTML**FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10*Clearly alcohol was in charge and had been for years. It led the way by making our decisions and settling all of our critical issues. I, she, or we didn't -- but alcohol did. Specifically, my partner's addiction to alcohol was the most important force in our family. She drank every evening for at least two or three hours. Our child and I became addicted to her use of alcohol, and …

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…and some take on adult roles and responsibilities at a young age. They may be hampered by their inability to grow in developmentally healthy ways (Filstead, McElfresh, and Anderson, 1981); yet the problems of most COAs remain invisible because their coping behavior tends to be approval seeking and socially acceptable. COAs are more likely to be truant, drop out of school, repeat grades, or be referred to a school counselor or psychologist (Johnson and Rolf, 1988). *BR*