Alcohol In Japanese Society.

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Ricky Lopez Roberts 04/26/2002 Alcohol in Japanese Society The teenage boy walks down the street with a few yen in his pockets towards a large, softly glowing vending machine outside of a local grocery store. He's thirsty and pulls the coins from his pockets and slides them within a machine. He leans down pressing a button, selecting his beverage, and it plops down into the bin. The cold, metal can of Kirin beer is picked up, …

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…much joy and festivity to so many lives; yet, without the correct constraints put upon the consumption, regulation, or sale of alcohol, it's also wrought much disaster upon innocent and not-so- innocent lives among the people of Japan. Perhaps we can learn from such excessive freedom when compared to our strict regulations. Alcohol will always be around, but it takes decisive action, fair judgment, and a heavy dose of maturity to use it within limitations.