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ALCOHOL         Alcohol is a widely used substance for both science and in technology. Its name comes from an Arabic word al-kuhl meaning ' a powder for painting the eyes'. The term was later applied to all compounds that contain alcoholic spirits.         To most people alcohol is considerd a downer that reduces activity in the nervous system. Some of the things alcohol effects you is, the alcohol intoxicated person exhibits lose muscle tone, loss of fine …

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…a day, four days a week, are 2 1/2 times more likelt to develop melanomia than women who dont drink. Experts recommend that women limit themselves to one drink a day, and men two drinks a day. OTHER CANCERS         Some studies have found a link between alcohol use and cancers of the: -colon -stomach -pancreas -lungs. Although theres no evidence that alcohol itelf is a caracinogen, it has been associated with suppression of the human immune system