Albert Einstein, the mind of the century.

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Einstein has become a symbol of the modern science, a figure that has subverted all the patterns of the American definition of the hero. Einstein was the first intellectual superstar and he has gained his popularity through the only way the Americans would accept it – through an intuitive non-academical intelligence, by applying the discoveries of his brilliant mind on pragmatic things, as the rockets and the atomic bomb. Einstein was enormously helped by the fact …

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…Constructors of the Universe" (1932), "Why War?"(Written in collaboration with Sigmund Freud), "The World as I see It" (1938) and "From my last Years"(1950). Einstein's documents gathered up have been published in a volume collection starting with 1987. In 1950 Einstein wrote his will and five years later he was transported to the Princeton hospital with fierce abdominal pain. The diagnosis was a break of an aneurysm of the aorta, which caused his death on April the 11th, 1955.