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Al Capone Alphonse Capone was perhaps the most famous of all American gangsters in history. Al Capone was involved in many serious crimes including the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, income tax evasion, and the illegal selling of liquor. He also took part in the running of gambling and prostitution. He dominated organized crime in Chicago from about 1925 to 1931. Al Capone's parents immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy in 1893. Six years later on January 17, 1899 …

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…in his home on January 25, 1947. Alphonse Capone was the most famous and well-known mobster in American history. He was involved and responsible for many serious crimes and has left an imprint in many people's minds throughout the world. He was accountable for many homicides, executions, and many other gruesome felonies. Although he was known for committing terrible embezzlements since he was young, he will always hold a place in the history books around the world.