Agression in males

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The case study "Songs My Mother Taught Me" discusses a boy named Charles who at first glance, looks like an ordinary, nice, charming young man. However his appearance is only skin deep, one would never assume just by looking at him that he is a cold -blooded killer. In a random town, on a random day, A door to door sales girl came to Charles' home selling religious materials. Ten minutes later she was dead; …

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…only reacting to stimuli in his environment, such as his tormentors, or the neglect by his mother was a stimuli in and of itself. However Watson's theory lacks a certain human quality to it. It doesn't explain more complicated issued like emotion, feelings, and impulses. If Charles reacted to stimuli there would be no anger, no hate; he would never no the difference. A concept like love would be invalid. Thought simply would not exist.