Agias, from the Doachos Monument

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Agias, from the Doachos Monument Throughout the history of Greek art, the fourth century classical, or late classical, includes very careful attention to the anatomy of the human body. This is especially true in the sculptures created. There were even formulas for calculating the "ideal" proportions of the human body that sculptors would follow. A proficient example of a sculpture from this period is the Agias, from the Doachos Monument. The sculptor is believed to …

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…time. This sculpture is almost anatomically perfect and was created over 2000 years ago using the simplest of tools by today's standards. One can stand there in awe and try to contemplate how the sculptor had such patience to carve and chisel away at the marble, knowing that too much force could ruin the entire process. This is truly one of the most magnificent works of art to come from the Greek 4th century Classical Period.