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World - AP Africa Volcano Erupts in Congo Sat Jul 27, 6:36 AM ET By JACK KAHORHA, Associated Press Writer GOMA, Congo (AP) - A volcano in eastern Congo spewed plumes of lava 300 feet into the air Saturday, but scientists said it posed no direct threat to a nearby city that was devastated by an eruption earlier this year. Mount Nyamulagira began erupting Thursday night near the city of Goma, which was devastated by an eruption earlier …

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…and Nyamulagira, about 13 miles and 25 miles northeast of Goma respectively, are the only two active volcanoes in the region. Monitoring of the two volcanoes has improved since the January eruption, Tedesco said. There are now six monitoring stations and once a week volcanologists use a U.N. helicopter to get closer looks at the volcanoes. Nyamulagira erupts every year or two. Its last eruption in February 2001 lasted several weeks, but did not threaten populated areas.