Affirmative Action: Rethink the Action

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Affirmative Action: Rethink the Action "The real carries of the civil rights banner are those who are helping end affirmative action" David Horowitz On a warm April morning, many high school juniors gather in a classroom. Slouched in their uncomfortable desks, they nervously pass in their pencil marked sheets. Each sheet has perfect ovals colored in for each answer. Each test is combined of subjects that the students should have comprehended from their previous three …

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…So how do we create more conditions so that more parents understand how important education is?" It is now time to take the goals and intentions of affirmative action and combine them with a realistic view of the situation to come up with a real solution. Racial preferences cut the population up into pieces, but these preferences cut along the wrong lines. Race is not the issue that is looked at. Helping the disadvantaged is.