"Affirmative Action"

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Affirmative action has become a hot topic these days. Should it stay or should it go? Or should we just revise it to fit today's times? Some people are extreme to the right; others to the left, many sit on the fence, but whatever the stance, almost everyone has an opinion on affirmative action. Let me start by explaining exactly what affirmative action is and what it means to us (us being Americans, not a …

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…proper authorities, and an investigation may ensue. The employer must be able to back up their decision with legitimate reasons, preferably on paper, such as sales reports, customer feedback, and co-worker feedback. In this manner, the inherent inequalities found in affirmative action can be eliminated almost completely while still avoiding the potential discrimination that it is supposed to protect against. Is this regulation necessary? Yes. Is affirmative action appropriate? The answer is a resounding no.