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Affirmation is defined as a recognition of political, personal, cultural values and identity. The Puritans, African Americans, and Native Americans affirmed their identity in Colonial America through: oral traditions, songs, and rituals. This is the reason they are studied all over the world. The Puritans affirmed their identity through their religious beliefs, utopian ideas and theocracy. The Puritans had a storyteller who spoke of their genealogy. Since these stories were based on the bible, most …

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…races, cultures, and traditions whether they be Puritanical, African, or Native American were great in their own respects. All had oral traditions which told of their ancestry, had elders who were considered role models, sacred songs that deeply touched anyone who heard them, and ceremonial rituals that differed from one group to another. The main reason these people study these 3 cultures are to comprehend their knowledge, hardships and understand what life meant to each group.