Aeneus' Emotional Rollercoaster

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Many scholars criticize the -Aeneid as being an interpretation of the Odyssey and Iliad through the eyes a Roman writer. Although similar events occur accompanied by familiar characters, Virgil does not utilize the same writing style of Homer. Virgil's writing represents a more sophisticated art of writing reflective of the time period. Aeneus' character does not share the same features of the Odysseus. Aeneus lacks the wits and leadership that Odysseus had. Aeneus molding into …

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…he became the saddest man in the world. His transformation withdraws emotion from the reader of pity and hate. In the world of Homer and Virgil's epic poems, people lives are not decided by themselves, but rather by others. In the present time, people can choose to believe in fate or decide their own lives. No one person is boring if they get a tear or cheer when they tell their life story to you.