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INTRODUCTION Virgil (70-19 BC), Roman poet, author of the masterpiece the Aeneid, and the most influential work of literature produced in ancient Rome. Life Virgil was born Publius Vergilius Maro in Andes, a village in northern Italy near Mantua. His father was a farmer. Virgil was thoroughly educated in Greek and Roman literature, rhetoric, and philosophy in the Italian cities of Cremona, Milan, Rome, and Naples. The patronage of Roman statesman Gaius Maecenas relieved him …

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…the gates and surprise the Latins by rushing out in attack, killing many with a quick strike. Unfortunately for the Dardans, Turnus joins the fray, and begins to force them back inside the fortress. The Trojan Pandarus, seeing the tide of battle turn, quickly shuts the gate again, allowing as many of his comrades back in as he can--but letting Turnus thr! ough as well. Finally inside the enemy camp, the Latin lead ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**