Advertising Strategies

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Advertisements that are featured in magazines feature both products and people. These ads can further be divided into the categories of “glamorous” products, like perfumes and clothing, and “nonglamorous” products, such as antacids and cleansers. In order for the advertisement to work effectively the product must be directed at the correct audience. Therefore, each of these products had patterns as to the type of product being sold and the attractiveness of the people used in …

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…ad is portraying the stereotypical housewife in order to sell the product. The above two products are directly aimed at specific target audiences. The age of the male in the Maalox is an elder man because the target audience are the elderly. The Windex ad uses a housewife because she is performing a household task. Hence, it is not a coincidence when a person of a certain gender or age is placed in an advertisement.