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"Advertising has developed and supported great industries, bulwarked-"or increased- "entire economies, and changed a sufficient number of human habits" (Wood 3). Like that paragraph says, advertising effects people in what they do and how they do it. It has effected the Kleenex company, the Nylon manufacturers and a company of a new type of car, the Tucker Corporation, from the 1940ís. Advertising has changed due to these people by their ways of making people notice …

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…worth considering." (Petroski 207). In conclusion, the advertisements of today are far more different, with the computer technologies, it is becoming more and more expensive to get things advertised. Television and radio are more expensive these days. With the different variations of popular products people will just get the cheaper product. Getting your product on the market is not as important as getting it there the cheapest as possible, because people are just looking for bargains.