Advancement of the Plot in Huckleberry Finn

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All great literary works contain an intricate weave of events which drive the plot, and allow the author to share his own view of life's events with the reader. The masterful author Mark Twain was no exception to this rule. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, possibly his greatest masterpiece, Twain takes a story of a boy who is all alone in the world, and transforms a series of events that could each pass as …

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…a slave fleeing from being sold down south, or simply the two outcasts of society living together in harmony as friends, the novel derives all of its force from its social aspects. Without the social aspects of the novel, Twain could have pieced together a collection of short stories about Huckleberry Finn's life, but he never could have created a masterful Novel that remains on reading lists over one hundred years after he wrote it.