Adult Education in the U.S.

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1). INTRODUCTION In adult education, The concept of central learning theory is self-directed learning. He (1985) said that because the concept is so central to what adult education is all about, self-directed learning has been one of the field's high-interest topics for more than a decade (Mezirow, 1988). Many people like researchers theorists and so on have all asked the pistons: what is self-directed learning? What kinds of people are engaged in it? How can we properly provide …

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…something important for themselves in this changing society, if they do not have high self-efficacy, they may not achieve their goals which they want to reach. As for adult learners and educators, people would try to keep the great balance between self-directedness and self-efficacy to achieve the highest goal by themselves. In the future research, we have to focus on the relationship between self-directedness and self-efficacy to improve adult learners¡® ability in adult education parts.