Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" "Write a poetry response outlining the language and imagery of the text"

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"Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is a vexing poem, which centres on desires, and the depressingly harsh realities of Aunt Jennifer's existence, using sharp contrasts between the tigers that she sews, and herself. The tigers that she stitches appear to be everything that she's not- bold and valiant, not fearing anyone. Their actions are smooth, uninhibited and robust. Aunt Jennifer, on the other hand, has great trouble even making the tiger adorned screen because her movements are …

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…the reader to see a lonely, pained old woman (hence the title she is given, 'Aunt') who is plagued with absolute anxiety, while she makes a world so different to hers on a screen, a world which she could never inhibit as long as she is married, which as a result, the reader may commiserate with Aunt Jennifer, and feel frustrated by her only living out her dreams on a simple screen which she made.