Adolph EiIchmann, a Jewish boy who lived through the holocaust.

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ADOLPH EiICHMANN Adolph Eichmann was born in Cologne, Germany on March 19, 1906, and was raised in a middle-class protestant household.. After his mother's death he and his family moved to Linz Austria. As a boy living in the same town as Adolf Hitler, Eichmann was ridiculed about his looks and dark complexion. Some of his schoolmates even called him names like "little Jew." That marked only the beginning of his feelings towards the jews that would …

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…was just obeying orders. "Why me," he asked. "Why not the local policemen, thousands of them? They would have been shot if they had refused to round up the Jews for the death camps. Why not hang them for not wanting to be shot? Why me? Everybody killed the Jews". Adolf Eichmann was found guilty, and was hanged at Ramleh Prison, May 31, 1962. Thus, ending the life of one of the most terrible men in history.