Adolf Hitler's influence on the world.

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Joe Ciano Mrs. Colford Global History 9 January 1999 Adolf Hitler's Influence on the World Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria.(Dorpalen Microsoft Encarta 98) Eighteen ninety-nine was the year of his birth. He was a poor boy and a high school dropout. He was rejected twice from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna for lack of talent.(The Volume Library 2 Pg. 1745) At age 25, Hitler eagerly volunteered to serve in W.W.I. His …

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…were willing to be led. They were unemployed and dissatisfied with their current government. He also knew how to appeal to peoples emotions in his speech. In conclusion, you can see Hitler, although completely evil, had a huge influence on the world. He caused nothing but destruction. Nothing that he built or instituted remains today. The Jews and Germans today are scarred and will never forget their roots. Hitler was a murdering, hateful, sinister man.