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From A Mediocre Student to A Dictator: Adolf Hitler The day is April 20, 1889 and the place is Austria. It was there that the man who was to “save the fatherland” was born. Hitler began his schooling in a monastery in Germany and was known as a “lazy, bad-tempered, arrogant ‘leader.’” His dreams of being a great artist quickly went down the drain after he was rejected at the Academy of Fine Arts. Hitler sank deep …

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…in the book he wrote when he was 39 years old Mein Kampf. He stated that all inferior people were destined to be German slaves, terror will succeed unless opposed by a greater terror, all evil is embodied by the Jew, and France is the ultimate enemy of the Germans. If the economic, social, and political conditions had not been so unstable this “great leader” may never have been able to come to power. Bibliography none