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Abstract The period of Adolescence is most clearly defined by Jean Piaget and his definition, the formal-Operations stage. One of Piaget's four stages of Cognitive Development, it involves characteristics of advanced reasoning, creativity, grasping of external concepts and thinking more extensively. Criticisms of this theory, are it's lack of flexibility in a child's ability to attain Formal-Operations stage, and that children can attain these characteristics earlier or later than Piaget's pre-determined age bracket. It is …

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…is important to point out that all children develop differently, and that periods of conflict can vary as does the development of the child itself. The contextual, environmental and cultural factors play an integral part in this development, but as long as these factors are understood as well as the characteristics formulated by Jean Piaget, viewed critically, in a child's development, the so-called rebellion and turbulence, that is adolescent Cognitive Development, may have greater meaning.