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David Cox 10/22/99 A1 Mr. Galvin Kelsey Grammar: A Reflection of Myself As we grow older, we find someone to looks up to. Some of us admire celebrities, family, and friends. I admire Kelsey Grammar. I admire Kelsey because of his morals, his acting expertise, some of the obstacles he has overcome, and for the donations he has made to charities. The main reason is how he has overcome hurtles in life which must have been …

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…you have the amount of money that he has, it’s good to think about people other than yourself. Kelsey Grammar is an exemplary person. He is multi-talented actor, comedian, and even singer who has come a long way since “Cheers”. His past amazes me and his future seems very promising. The benevolence he offers to other people who have none is definitely a plus and that is why I admire Kelsey Grammar. Bibliography none