Adidas Case Study: SWOT analysis and Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, including strategic recommendations

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Executive Summary: Adidas was the dominating manufacturer of sporting goods. It achieved this success by developing cleated shoes for the soccer and track and field sports. The landscape of the sporting goods industry has changes, but Adidas has not changed with it. Sporting good textiles and footwear have become popular with younger individuals as a substitute for casual wear. Soccer and track and field sports are no longer the mainstream sports. These sports have been …

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…- the European market and the American Market. Each market should have its own executive with his or her own marketing/R&D, Sourcing & Logistics, Finance, and Human Resources departments and representatives from each of the countries in the two hemispheres should report to their respective executive. The U.S. department should be based in the U.S. and should have individuals in charge of each division that understands the U.S. market.