Addictions to sex and drugs, video games and computers (internet).

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There are many addiction's that are controlling people today. Addictions can range from drugs and sex to computers and video games. There are many different forms of addictions that are trapping our society. Drugs and sex are very harmful addictions because they can harm people in many physical and mental ways. Computers and video games are also very harmful addictions because they can halt people from socializing and interacting with others. These addictions are very …

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…yet not everyone is aware of them. People who have a drug addiction may show more severe signs of their addiction, where as a person with a television addiction would not have noticeable signs of their addiction. Addictions can range in many different categories and there are many other addictions besides the ones mentioned here. Works Cited Winn, Marie. TV Addiction. The Longman Reader. 6thed.Judith Nadell. John Langan and Eliza Comodromos.NewYork:Longman,2003. 522-527.