Act one of Edward II.

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From the first sentence of the first Scene of Christopher Marlowe's Edward II, three of the main themes of the play become apparent; "My Father is deceased; come Gaveston, and share the Kingdom with thy dearest friend." This is said by Gaveston on his return to England, having been banned years before by Edward I. The play's main themes are therefore; death, politics, and friendship, and out of these three themes politics is the one …

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…have on a whole country. This is an example of a typical Elizabethan morality play, in which there is a lesson or moral to the story. The lesson in this particular play would either be that one man can make a difference- whether it be fortuitous or detrimental, or that in terms of the Monarchy; their private affairs should stay private, and they should not treat affairs of the state as in the same way.