Achilleus: Life After War

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Achilleus: Life After War Achilleus is our epic hero in a narrative poem, in the Iliad. He lives for the glory of war and the prizes he obtains through his courage in combat. Now that the Trojan War is all but over, Achilleus will not be fighting, therefore his place in the Greek hierarchy shall be challenged. Achilleus indeed has little to live for due to the lack of fighting. Throughout this epic adventure Achilleus …

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…in many conflicts between other men, gods, and himself. Achilleus has in all actuality one thing left for himself to do, and that is make sure his sons have a decent life. Achilleus is the bravest of warriors and has earned the right to call himself the greatest warrior and in the Death of Hektor, he surely proves it. Achilleus throughout this epic poem has shown his pride, his power, and his emotions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**